Thing 12 - OER #23things

I would like to share this course that I found on the MERLOT II, open educational resource platform. It is a course created originally by Prof. Thomas Herring of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It contains lecture notes, assignments and course materials for a course in Celestial Navigation. It is available through a Creative Commons attribution-non commercial - share alike licence.

12.215 Modern Navigation: This course introduces the concepts and applications of navigation techniques using celestial bodies and satellite positioning systems such as the Glo

Thing 10 Wikimedia

To complete this 'Thing' I completed  the Wikipedia  adventure and explored Wikimedia. I have a much better  understanding  of what Wikipedia  is and how it works. Before  completing this task I was highly sceptical of the reliability of the content. I would need more time before I would feel  confident about editing or adding content.

Wikipedia has been  very  useful to me sourcing content to use in material that doesn't infringe copyright

Thing 11 Copyright

Despite having to prepare presentations and create materials for students I have to confess it is only fairly recently that I have taken a real interest in the area of copyright. Despite this in the past I have spent too much time trawling the internet for the best possible image or trying to create my own material which is very time consuming.

I am currently writing a course on Celestial Navigation and use of a sextant. Using link I quickly found two images which could easily be incorporated.

The first was an image of a sextant published on Wikimedia Commons and created by Joaquim Alves Gaspar,

The second was also on Wikimedia Commons and this shows the Celestial Sphere By Tfr000 (talk) 15:34, 15 June 2012 (UTC) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (…

Thing 8. Facebook

The digital legacy page was interesting. It's important to consider what will happen in the same way you prepare for the closing of other aspects of your life. Having had some of  my Facebook friends pass away over the  years I've wondered what would happen to your page. Its seems inappropriate when you get reminded of their birthday or seem their profile picture alongside your other friends. As more of our lives are documented online, I will certainly include take into account my digital footprint.

Thing 7 - Twitter

I've never really got to grips with Twitter. It seemed to me the Twittersphere was for mutual admiration and back slapping. However I spent some time tonight going through the twitter guides in Thing 7 and can now see I was only scratching the surface. Sadly as I get older I am learning  - you always need a plan!

I spent about an hour searching for topics related to my area of interest at work and finding out what students thought of my place of work, some good, some bad! I actually used my time productively instead looking for the latest Fozzy Bear tweets. The thing that has held me back from posting on twitter is the thought that I have nothing interesting to add or say and what if people think I am just talking rubbish! That may well be the case but its no longer going to hold me back. I'm going to re-read some of the twitter guides and get out there and start tweeting and back slapping! If you want to feel good about yourself and get nice comments added to your tweets fol…

Thing 6 - Accessibility

What a great course this has been so far. I've learnt something new in every activity.

It must have been about the mid 90's when I got my first Nokia mobile phone. I remember it went off when I was on the bus and the entire bus turned around to look at me as if to say who is the big-shot!  I thought I knew what features and functions I had on my phone, it turns out I know nothing.

The level of customisation was a real eye-opener. I have a Samsung Galaxy 5 and was unaware it had the capability of subtitles, sound balance and even a baby crying detector. The talk back option was great until I had difficulties turning it off! The magnifier option was also a real find and I've kept that one activated.

These functions showed me the different types of support a user may need in order to access something I take for granted. I will take this forward in future when I develop web content and different learning materials.


I got this message from my wife today.

Mmmmm..........what have I done? I'm sure I emptied the dishwasher this morning. 
Maybe I didn't. This doesn't look good. Where's the nearest garage? Some emergency flowers may be in order.
Hang on a minute! Forget the garage this calls for a trip to Tesco's for a flower upgrade and maybe a bottle of Pinot Grigio as well! Emojis or emotional icons can add meaning and depth to plain text. Starting as a craze among Japanese teenagers they are now used widely around the world. Emojis can set the tone of a message and help convey the intentions of the sender. They are also in picture form which means they can be understood even if the texters don't speak the same language.  The development of new emoji is not without controversy though. The introduction of characters of different colours and racial backgrounds gives the texter a decision to make, 'how do I want to portray myself in this message'. It can give rise to …